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Minimed Minion

Last night, when my sensor was sending low alerts to my Minimed 530 G pump, I did not hear them. Then by the time it started the vibrate mode:  “Hey You! Wake up, I’m talking to you!” the Threshold suspend feature kicked in. Well I checked my sugar on two different meters, it was 115. Not the 55 reported by the sensor. But that is another blog post. I got to thinking that it would have been nice to be able to hear the alarms in the first place, instead of getting the news a lot later. ( Just in case I really was at 55!)

SO I thought, what if the pump alarm went something like “Beee – Dooo, Beee – Dooo” … Like the Minions in Despicable ME?

So I got out my tools and iinstalled a little minion of my own.

Minimed minion controller app

Minion Minimed controller app

I sewed a small pouch with a vinyl window. I created a minion on the “Create Your Own Minion” site.

I inserted the minion print in the window and voila!  One could put any image in the window!  Change characters with your mood, or for the holidays.

Minimed Minion Belt pack

Pouch with vinyl window

Clear window/ buttons useable

If the minion is removed, the pump can be viewed and operated through the vinyl window. I sewed a belt loop on the back, with Velcro opener, and there is a top retainer strap which also fastens the pump in with Velcro.

So, (sew?) who says you can’t have fun with pumps?

Comments welcome.

Doc Jerry



Comments on: "Minimed Minion" (3)

  1. I don’t understand! How does a photo of a Minion wake you up – were you able to also install a wave file so it plays louder music? I think you need a dog to lick your face! That would really work! He He!!!

    • Hi Daily!
      You are right about the dog. The minion has not started to “Bee Dooo, Bee Dooo” yet. And the pump is really inaudibly quiet. A dog like Tucker could probably hear these dog whistle like tones and alert me! Time to buy a dog.

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