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People vs Pumps

When I was in High School, I used to read a lot of Ray Bradbury books. The Illustrated Man was one of my favorites. Ray Bradbury said: “Why go to a machine when you could go to a human being?”

I am a scientist. I looked over insulin pump specifications, features, reputation, and useability features. All of the things I would be using on a daily basis to keep healthy.

As I thought about which piece of medical equipment I would link myself to, I began to wonder:

“What kind of human support would I receive from the product vender.
Often the support team and it’s people are more important than the equipment itself.”

I did some simple tests on the three companies I was evaluating for my Insulin pump.  I called the telephone support lines incessantly. I asked questions about how each pump functions. I told them I was considering competitors pumps. Some calls I was cordial and friendly. Others I acted frustrated.  When asked, I explained that I did not own a pump. I gauged the responses from the support lines. I also compared how fast the support team responded. I called the sales lines, and the software support departments.

One of the companies was happy just to mail out a brochure. Little else. You could hear the sound of a pin drop … “Ping”.

The other two companies were quite helpful. You could say there was “mini”-mal difference, or perhaps only a “slim” difference between the two.
The representatives took time to explain things. They answered detailed questions.

Both Tandem and Medtronic provided me with a person to call.

At Medtronic my experience there was superb.
I was given my area rep’s e-mail address, company phone number, and cell phone number. She personally called me several times to be sure I had all of my questions answered. She knew I was considering a t-slim and pointed out some features which were different on the two pumps. While she expressed confidence in her company’s product, she did not belittle the competition.

You could say that I felt “connected.”

I realize that the customer experience can change after one signs on the dotted line. But for this test, Medtronic deserves the award.



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